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After the End

After the End is 1 to 5 player (14+) cooperative roleplaying board game featuring turn based action/tactic mechanics, loot/experience hoarding and inventory/skill tree management.

The game features a story driven dynamic campaign of 30hrs+ divided in scenarios of 45 to 90 minutes in which players’ actions and choices will define the ending.

Each player incarnates a hero from the ruins of the ancient city of Chicago.

Forced to fight to survive, your tactical skills will be your best ally during those dark hours.

The game

The box

The Box_Visuel

The core box contains :

  • 52 Miniatures
  • 8 double sided boards
  • 450 cards
  • 12 dice, over 100 tokens
  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 scenario book featuring
  • the 12 scenarios of the main campaign plus 20 side quests



Fast & easy dice rolling system, fast paced turn action based.


Cover and height management to take advantage of the terrain.


Storytelling features influenced by players’ decisions. Inventory/loot/experience/ability system. After The End is a “not so cooperative” game where you will have to fight to survive. All playable characters have their own background, story and objectives: you may have to choose between teamwork and your personal interests.
In addition to the rulebook, After The End gives you the possibility to create your own stories and adventures thanks to the lore book and special blank cards.

Turn based

After the End is an alternate turn based game. Survivors (players) choose among them the one to start
up the action phase, then one opponent on the board activates following the game AI rule then a
second survivor and so on.

When 1 faction runs out of character to play the faction with remaining
figures activate its figures one after the other until all of them have played once.

It’s up to you to optimize your turns by choosing wisely the first player.

Loot and craft system

During your journey in the depths of Chicago, you will need to equip yourself solidly. Fortunately, your predecessors have left many weapons and resources that can be used to defend yourself or heal your wounds.

Gameplay Craft system


The world

The human era is over. One century ago, the planet has suffered a series of cataclysms that has totally wiped out civilizations. Resulting in total glaciation of the Northern hemisphere with temperature down to -70°C (-94 °F). Nine to ten months a year* the formerly named USA are engulfed.. The inhabitants of the subterranean cities called “Mines” wait patiently The Dawn, period during which the surface becomes practicable again. The story of ATE starts up right after Dawn. The doors of The Mines are open, once again, and the story is about to be repeated.


Lily, Ingenious hacker

Lily spent her whole youth in the Mines of Chicago. She was raised there by her uncle Dixon from whom she learned everything about mechanical and computer science. Her genius amazed him so much that he encouraged her leave Chicago to further develop her skills and knowledge. 

Last year before the winter take back the city she finally left her home town for the South with a group of merchant. Unfortunately on the way the group was ambushed by a squad of robots and cybord form Monarch, the AI ruling the West. No one but her was spared. She owes her salvation only to Jack who unexpectedly betrayed the troops he was commanding. The rogue cyborg went not unscathed from the encounter and from severing its link from Monarch’s network. 

Curious to learn more about the cyborg and the reasons for his treason she decided to return to the only place she ever knew would be safe for her : Chicago.

Jack, renegade Cyborg

Sold by his parents when he was a child, Jack grew up in the rank of Monarch, the Artificial Intelligence, who made him one of his champions. The desire of Monarch to upgrade humanity took shape with Jack: the A.I replaced the major part of his human body by robotic transplants, making Jack the incarnation of Monarch’s will, and anger. 

Jack killed a lot, in the name of his master. He tried to kill Lily, during a “hunt”, but when he had the occasion to trap her, he turned his weapons against his robotic subordinates. For a reason he cannot explain, he is free now. As if he woke up from a long nightmare. 

Now, he wants to keep his freedom, and protect Lily.

Dawn, the huntress

The world is cold, cruel, and ruthless. Dawn’s answer is : ”to be it more”. Dawn knows very well how things work and devotes most of her time ensuring her personal comfort. She helps, when she can, but she refuses to join a gang or a community: her freedom is more important. 

She was on track to spend a luxurious life in the Mines until the day she came across a deranged man, Mad Matt, fleeing his (very very very) violent gang the Rekers. 

Since then she is on the move. Quickly, and carefully.

Mad Matt, crazy psycher

Matt is a psycher. That means he can move items using the sole power of his disturbed mind. Do not ask him how, why or where he get them from he will never answer, first hand he ignores it then he will make it up a fairy tale or gruesome story depending on his “mood”. 

Because of this “talent”, he is treated as an outcast by the other citizens of the Mines. Forced to live far from the habitable areas, he spends most of his time scavenging for food the rest to listen to the voices inside his head… 

The only person who approach him is Dawn, the Huntress, usually to leverage his particular skills to her own benefits.

Vicious, the silent blade

Virgile Harrigan, aka Vicious, lived most of his life with his mother in Atlanta, turned into a military stronghold by the “13”. Working from time to time as merc for the remains of the US Army but also for less recommendable, his talents for killing discretely being famous among mobsters. 

The day his mother died, he put an end to his career and set sails for Chicago. There his Mom had left her husband and youngest son after an attack from Monarch. Upon arriving Vicious stumbled into a young girl escorted by a tall cyborg looking to get into the Mines of Chicago. 

She is from there, a good way to get in and start his investigation.


Only hatred remains
Faction Mines

The Mines

The underground cities called “The Mines” are shelters for those who stand against the tyranny of Monarch. Built partially in the forsaken sewers and remnants of Chicago subway, those communities try to survive during the long winter, waiting for The Dawn to collect resources.

Faction Monarch 2


The A.I named Monarch is the sovereign of this icy part of the world. Its Will and its power surpass the understanding of the living, for whom it appears as a god. Before the apocalypse it was in charge of the US missile arsenal meant to protect its “nation”. After the apocalypse Monarch appeared as a god. After the apocalypse, Monarch appeared as the only way to survive, and many humans bowed before it. Thanks to its pragmatism and cold logic, it raised a huge army of robots and enhanced humans. Each year, the armies of Monarch walk on Chicago, obeying cryptic orders, looking for something. But what?

Faction Outlaws of Chicago

Outlaws of Chicago

Faction Outlaw of Chicago figurine

Not really intelligent, nor really organized, these bandits are part of the local dangers of Chicago. During the Dawn they roam the cityto plunder or unfortunate prospectors to rob from. Sometimes you can find them in the Mines where they sell their services at the black market. 

Faction Rekers

The Rekers gang

Faction Rekers figurine

Each society has its pariah: individuals too deranged to live in a society, or too dangerous for themselves and for others. When they stay away everything is fine but when they regroup they quickly
become a problem. Led by Arleen, their self-proclaimed queen, this gang speaks only one language: violence.

Faction Neo Talos

Neo-Talos corp.

Faction Neo Talos figurine

Can science go too far? For Neo-Talos, the answer is yes, and Monarch (and all of the A.I in general) is the embodiment of the mistakes of the past. According to this organization built on the model of old corporations, A.I must be destroyed, at any cost, even if that means destroying the entire country.

Faction Raveners

The Raveners

Faction Raveners figurine

The Raveners are more an obscure sect than a gang. For many residents of The Mines, they do not even exist. There are tales or fables that tell once they helped to build the Mines, but their pronounced taste for human flesh forced them to exile. Sometimes, after a battle, some claim to have seen shadows in the distance, approaching to recover the frozen bodies. But these are just stories.

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